Moore Nature Photography



   This site is the culmination of my joy in photographing birds and other wildlife. After many years of taking pictures I finally decided it was time to display them so that others could share my enthusiasm for the wonders of our natural world. As you wander around this web site I hope you will enjoy what you see. I would also ask that you remember that these photos are copyrighted and respect that fact. No links or downloads are permitted without my express written permission.

   As with all photography it is a work in progress. Be sure and visit often to check for new photos.


   I started watching birds at age 9 and acquired my first camera while in high school. I used primarily Pentax 35mm equipment for over 25 years. Like many people my desire to photograph would wax and wane. Then, in 2001 I purchased my first digital SLR. That event completely renewed my interest in photography. It also required a complete change of equipment to Canon gear.

   I enjoy traveling to new areas to see different birds and wildlife. This gives me the opportunity to try my hand at photographing many different types of animals in a wide variety of conditions, and I love the challenge.


   My primary cameras are the Canon 1D Mark IV and 7D Mk II. My main lenses are the Canon 500mm f:4 and 400mm f5.6. I also have a 70-300mm lens for general photography. I use the Canon 580EX flash with a Better Beamer and mount all of this on a Gitzo GT3540LS tripod with a Wimberley head and flash brackets. I also use a Kirk window mount when in a vehicle.


   If you have any questions about the content of this site or wish to purchase prints you can contact me at jeff AT .

Thank you and enjoy!

Jeff Moore